Inside Mainstream – Media Professionals Speaking Out
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Here is part 2 of the successful documentary series Witnesses of the Truth. In this sequel, Inside Mainstream – Media Professionals Speaking Out, journalist Elsa Mittmannsgruber sets out to seek the truth about the bought media. Why is the coverage in the mainstream media so one-sided? How does all the false and patchy information in the news come about? What makes journalists play along in this? Elsa Mittmannsgruber is getting the answers to these questions directly from those who should know: the media professionals. 13 witnesses of the truth from print media, radio & television, and from the film industry exclusively reveal what goes on behind the scenes at major media companies. Well-known faces such as Eva Herman, Gerhard Wisnewski or Kornelia Kirchweger as well as media professionals who until recently were silent, such as Martin Hasler, Piera Reich or Senta Auth, all tired of the opinion dictate, are speaking out. Their first-hand experiences will open your eyes. After watching this film, your perspective of the mainstream media will be changed forever.

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